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Benefits of Pest Control:

The use of regular, professional pest control can eliminate these types of problems & find others before they become severe!


TERMITES: No home including those made of brick or stone is immune to termite attack. Furniture, books, decorations, etc. are subject to attack even when the building is made of concrete. Even poured concrete structures can develop hairline cracks (as small as 1/64 of an inch) which allow termite entry. Over 2,000,000 homes will be infested with termites this year alone causing over 5 billion in damages.

COCHROACHES: Disease producing organisms have been found on cochroaches. Gastroenteritis is the principal disease transmitted by cochroaches, including food poisoning, dysentery & other illnesses. Organisms carrying these diseases are carried on the legs & bodies of cochroaches & are deposited on food & utensils as cochroaches forage. Cochroach excrement & cast skins also contain a number of allergens to which many people exhibit allergic responses such as skin rashes, watery eyes & sneezing. For some very allergic people & those who have asthma or other lung diseases these allergic attacks to cochroach allergens can be very serious.

CARPENTER ANTS: Carpenter ants can attack wood anywhere in your home. They prefer moist wood, but will tunnel into dry wood & even styrofoam insulation in some situations. A Carpenter ant problem that is ignored can lead to significant damage.

WASPS & BEES: Wasps & bees can be a danger to both people & pets with their painful stings. Stings can trigger severe allergic reactions in some people. At the first sign of a nest contact us & we can eliminate it before someone gets stung. THIS IS A NOT A JOB FOR AMATEURS-BE SAFE & LEAVE THIS TO THE PROFESSIONALS!

FLEAS: The adult flea is an external parasite of people, dogs, cats & wild animals, responsible in centuries past for plagues that killed millions of people. The flea is now a far less serious threat, but still troubling with their annoying bites & their ability to get deep into carpets, making treatment by homeowners very difficult.

RODENTS (Mice & Rats): Rodents soil our indoor environments with urine & feces. Rodents contaminate our food supply with potentially harmful germs & bacteria causing over a billion dollars in losses in contaminated food supplies worldwide each year. Rodents can be quite destructive. Rodents front teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Because of their habit of gnawing they can damage electric lines, baseboards, stored items in basements, sheds, garages, etc.

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