Safe Effective Pest Control!

Preventative Services:

GSE Exterminating offers a wide range of preventative services to stop pests before they become a problem!


MONTHLY & QUARTERLY SERVICES: We can design a pest control program according to your needs. Most homeowners only require a quarterly service to provide effective protection against non-structural insects. Monthly services are designed to give effective protection for apartment buildings & multi-unit buildings, warehouses, restaurants, etc.

PERIMETER TREATMENTS: Perimeter treatments are an exterior treatment designed to stop household-invading insects (spiders, centipedes, ants, earwigs, etc.) BEFORE they enter your home.

TERMITE PRE-TREATMENTS FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION: Building a new home? Why not protect it before termites cause a problem. We can treat the soil under your new home before the basement floor concrete is poured. This eliminates the need for drilling & is generally up to 50% less expensive than post-constuction termite treatments! Also if you are installing a pool with a vinyl liner,we can treat the soil under you pool before the liner is installed (TERMITES HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO CHEW THROUGH VINYL POOL LINERS CAUSING LEAKS & THE NEED FOR LINER REPLACEMENT)

TERMITE MONITORING & TERMITE BAITING SYSTEMS: Have a neighbor with termites? We can install & maintain a termite monitoring system that will help alert you BEFORE termites cause significant damage to your home!

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